Standard Poodles

the Beginning

The Beginning

I am a small hobby breeder. I acquired my first Standard in 1990 and showed him to his American and Canadian Championships myself. I also showed many subsequent generations but am not currently active in the show ring. Other owners of Wildgayle Poodles have been successful in these areas: Obedience/Rally, Hunt Activities, Agility, Therapy Dog, and Flyball, to name a few. I am also an AKC Breeder of Merit.

breeder of merit

The Goal

My breeding's are limited, about one litter a year. I breed with the goal of producing puppies with outstanding temperaments, with both soundness of body and mind, while still adhering to the AKC breed standard put forth by the Poodle Club of America. I currently breed black Standard Poodles. We temperament test each litter which helps ensure each family gets the right puppy for them.


The Foundation

Our puppies are raised in our home, where they are exposed to sights and sounds. Socialization is important for puppies to become sound and centered adults. Our puppies are exposed to many different surfaces and interact with many different people, both tall and small. We perform Biosensor exercises during the puppies first two weeks, to make the puppies temperamentally sound individuals and high achievers.

The Recipe

We perform the genetic testing recommended by Poodle Club of America on each individual used in our breeding program. For optimum health and longevity, I feed a natural raw diet, that is free of preservatives and grain products, as these can contribute to cancer, auto-immune disorders, and arthritis. We avoid vaccinations, (apart from vaccines required by law), and pesticides. We use natural products to contain any periodic pest issues we might have. We have been raising poodles naturally for 24 years.


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At Wildgayle Kennels LLC, we take immense pride in the puppies that we place in loving homes. Our reputation for hard work and commitment to excellence is something we are very proud of. It is also one that we work extremely hard to maintain. We give thoughtful and measured consideration to each phase of our breeding program. If welcoming a Standard Poodle into your family is something you see in your future, we'll be happy to talk to you and your family.


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