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Thank You for choosing Wildgayle Kennels, LLC. We know how important your dog is to you and that's why we started this business. Our mission is to provide the very best care for your dog while you are away.


0 - 20 lbs $25 per day

20 - 60 lbs $30 per day

Over 60 lbs $35 per day

With your permission, we provide a rich and stimulating environment for your dog to enjoy. We do this by allowing our guests to socialize together in a safe, clean, and supervised environment. Injuries can and do happen from time to time. Dogs are running, wrestling, and playing with their paws and mouths. Nicks, scrapes, cuts, and the occasional puncture may happen to your dog, especially if they are active. Fights are extremely rare but can happen. We take precautions to make sure that dogs of similar size and temperament are grouped together. However, just as people can annoy each other, so can dogs. When a fight occurs, the dogs are broken up immediately and all participating parties are given time-outs. Unlike people, dogs don't hold grudges and two enemies one minute can be the best of friends the next minute. Any injuries that your dog sustains will be reported to you immediately if severe, or at the end of the day if the injury is a minor cut or scrape. You will be financially responsible for any injuries that your dog sustains. This can be a risk, but we feel that the benefits of socialization and exercise greatly outweigh the risks, for most healthy individuals with balanced temperaments. Dogs that don't have stable or balanced temperaments will not be allowed to play with other guests.

Preparing for your pet's visit

Prior to your dog(s) first visit with us please click on the forms page and fill out the 4 forms you'll find there. They are fillable forms and then send them to us by clicking submit. You also must provide a copy your dog(s) current Rabies certificate as well. Please bring your dog(s) with flat, preferably a quick release snap collar. There should be some type of identification on each dog or collar. Changing your dog's food often leads to an upset tummy. So, we require you to bring your Dog(s) food individually bagged and ready to be placed in his/her food bowls. We champion species appropriate diets and have plenty of freezer space for your individually packaged frozen meals. We recommend you bring an extra meal or two in case their stay is extended. We will administer up to 3 medications per day without charge. Bring all original medication containers with Dr's. directions. If you have an intact (not spayed) female and she is in, or comes into season while she is here, there will be a 25.00 surcharge per day while she is here. If you think your dog will be more comfortable with bedding from home, you are welcome to bring one mat/ for each dog. Also, if you feel as though you have an anxious pup, you are welcome to bring a comfort item, such as a dirty pillowcase, or dirty shirt worn by his/her favorite family member to be placed in their beds. If your dog will be socializing with other guests, please do not bring toys! All toys must be neutral. we have toys here.

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