Species-Appropriate Diet For Pet’s in Randleman

Dogs have been man’s best friend for over ten thousand years, and this unbreakable connection continues today. They are still our best friends and will never be upgraded, outdated, or replaced. They work as our guides, workers, and soul mates, and their loyalty and love are endless. However, the most significant health challenge today for our pets is obesity. Research concerning health in our beloved pets has shown that they need to eat more whole foods and far less processed foods. Pet’s eating improper diets can lead to numerous diseases, such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease. At Wildgayle Kennels, we have been feeding a species-appropriate diet for more than 20 years and guiding our clients to do the same

At Wildgayle Kennels LLC, we have been serving the needs of Randleman pet owners for many years. Our service is multifaceted and broad-ranging, helping you to incorporate the proper diets for your meat-eaters

Not Just Cats and Dogs

Wildgayle Kennels, LLC also tends to a small flock of heritage hens. We are also very conscientious of the feeding of the hens. They only get, Non-GMO, no-soy North American Grown Organic Grains fortified with supplements to ensure the best eggs possible. They rotate in and out of organically maintained pastures. So for the best possible eggs, come to Wildgayle Kennels, LLC. PSSSST! Feed some to your pets too!! Our dogs and cats love them!!

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If you think that your pet could benefit from one of the many tailored and specialized pet services that we offer at Wildgayle Kennels LLC, why not give us a call today. Our team of professional pet experts is here to answer any questions you may have. What’s more, when you call us, we will outline the competitive prices we offer and ensure to schedule an appointment that best meets your needs and requirements. Like most Randleman folks, your pet is like an extended family member. It makes sense then that they should receive the best pet care possible. Don’t take chances with inferior pet companies. Call the team you can trust today.

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